Quality Cabinets at an Affordable Price.
Shown here are numerous things we can add to your kitchen.

Angled Upper Corner Cabinet - easier to reach, Holds more than lazy susan corner cabinet. Shelves are adjustable. Door can swing either way.

Base angled Lazy Susan. Birch plywood wheels, sitting on 500 lb. swivels.
Full 32" diameter, largest of any on the market. We hand build these.
Door can swing either way.
Newest, a factory insert with easy to clean plastic shelves. Recommended.

Bread & Pan Cabinet. I designed this & after installing in our house, I have been recommending it to others. Bread drawer cover is currently unavailable.

Four Drawer Cabinet. Notice the absent of slides showing. We use under mount slides. A drawer cabinet can be made into any configuration you would like.

Open shelf upper cabinet.
Also notice the paneled end on the cabinet.

Open end base cabinet. This was owners request. Turned out great.
Shelves are adjustable.

Roll-out base cabinet shelves.
Everybody loves them! This lady wanted room for tall things, so no drawer above.
Standard would be drawer at the top & 2 roll-outs below.
They roll-out 100% as do all drawers.

Spice rack. This kitchen needed a narrow cabinet. This fit right in. Lady was very happy as she didn't know it was included.

Hard Maple Cutting Board. Old fashioned extra not many modern kitchens have.

Now the best cabinet in the kitchen! The Pantry.
Featuring Roll-out shelves. Adjustable upper shelves.
This pantry was made 28" deep to cover the refrigerator.
Who wants to look at the side of a refrigerator every day!